2020-21 Academy Classes

We don't teach kids to make great dancers, we teach dance to make great kids.

-Misty Lown

Dress Code:

Ballet/Lyrical: Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes

Jazz: Black leotard, tan or pink tights, tan jazz shoes

Tap: Black leotard, tan or pink tights, black tap shoes (level 2 and up split sole)

Hip Hop: FDC shirt, black pants, black shoes (only to be worn at studio)

Level 1

Ballet, Tap & Jazz

7 and up

1 Hour 30 Min Class

Tuesday 6:15 pm

Ballet & Jazz 2

Instructor Approval

1 Hour 25 Min Class

Thursday 5:00 pm

Lyrical & Jazz 

8 and up

55 Min Class

Tuesday 6:35 pm

Tap 2

Instructor Approval

25 Min Class

Monday 5:15 pm

Int. Ballet

Instructor Approval

1 Hour 15 Min Class

Thursday 7:00 pm


Instructor Approval

30 Min Class

Thursday 8:15 pm

Tap 3

Instructor Approval

25 min Class

Monday 6:30 pm

Hip Hop 

9 and up

25 Min Class

Monday 4:45 pm